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Ryan Claterbaugh and Matt Brill









Mr. Mister Mosquito Control, Atlanta, GA – interview with Ryan Claterbaugh, Owner; Hunter Reese, Core Account Manager

How did you get started?

After my 10 years in the pest control business, I originally started the business in St. Marten in 2011, but it didn’t take off like I wanted. So, I moved to metro Atlanta and did a second startup in 2013. Matt Brill has been my business partner and heads up marketing for us.

Who are your target customers?

Since 2013, we have grown to 200 customers and are possibly the largest mosquito misting business in Georgia.

What do you pride yourselves on?

Customer service has been our mantra. In fact we have used the internal motto, “we are a really great customer service company that specializes in mosquito control”.

Are there any new initiatives or accomplishments that you might share?

In 2016, we launched our sister company, People’s Pest Control. This business has grown quickly and is close to 400 accounts now. One thing we do differently than most pest companies is to provide treatment for fleas, ticks, and carpenter bees as part of the normal quarterly visit versus most companies making that an add on service.

Why do you do business with FORSHAW?

You are the easiest vendor we work with and that includes our entire supplier base. Your invoices are super simple and error free. You have next day service. You are streamlined and easy to use. And Hunter, our rep, is great.

How do we add value for you?

Not only are you making our lives easy, but you go above-and-beyond with training and additional resources.

Where else might we do to make a difference in your business?

Not sure because we are so pleased.

Anything else?

I know you all are a big company, but it never feels that way. You feel like a small company that is doing a great job for us.