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72/pk. Bedbug Early Detection System is the first monitor for bedbugs that can be employed on a large scale as part of an IPM/Early Detdection/Ongoing Inspection program.


Bedbug Detection System is a patented device designed to detect bedbugs BEFOREthey proliferate and infest a new location. It simulates the conditions that bedbugs consider perfectharborage: tight, dark tunneling and rough woodsy material. (Common examples are the small gooves of corrugated boxes, mattress creases and wood furniture.) Through careful research of bedbug biology, APG has developed a trap that imitates these patterns. If bedbugs are nearby, they are drawn to the detection system and trapped in its patented dot-matrix adhesive. The Bedbug Detection System is designed to be ONEPARTof your strategy to combat and manage bedbugs in your accounts. It can provide you with valuable information, such as where bedbugs may be harboring, and it can confirm to a customer beyond any doubt that bedbugs are present. It should be used as a center point for inspectionl.
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Additional Information

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